Amanda Designs


Custom Bridal Gowns



Have you been searching and simply cannot find your perfect gown ? or you have simply always dreamed of a one off custom gown ?


Well search no more, book your free consultation with Amanda and we will sit down and design your unique gown together.


Bring pictures, bring sketches of your ideas and we will go through the best shape for your body type, the best fabrics for the design, how much or how little adornments you would like.


When we have agreed on a design and you wish to go ahead a mock up / toile will be made of your dress in muslin (a cheap fabric) so we have the chance to see how the design / shape suits you.

This is the stage where we will have the chance to tweek your design untill we are totally happy with it before your real fabric is cut.


Brides will need to visit for a few fittings, each design takes a different amount of fittings but generally 2 or 3 fittings is suffice.


Costs for custom bridal gowns will vary depending on style, fabric, adornments but your budget will be discussed at your consultation and we work together to come up with a design that stays within your budget.